Conflict Coaching

Do you lead a team or a group of employees who have conflicts with each other? The demands that each individual employee places on you as a leader are draining your energy reserves? Would you actually have to develop an individual leadership style for each of these employees in order to meet today's expectations? And because of the conflicts, is the actual work suffering?

Probably your core task is already very demanding and therefore you tend to postpone the necessary clarification of a conflict? Then you are not alone in this situation. Conflicts at work as well as in private life rarely resolve themselves. Postponing hardly ever leads to a positive result. On the contrary, not only the working relationship suffers, but also the business results. Often, the problem lies in the emotions that creep in during conversations: actually, you go into a conversation calm, collected and well prepared. However, as soon as the situation becomes tense or something is said that upsets you, an involuntary reaction begins- emotionally. And in retrospect, you get angry at your own behaviour? Communication experts call this “amygdala hijack.“

Executive coaching helps you to find the right approach and solution for you in a multitude of alternatives, to develop a more relaxed exchange with employees and to resolve conflicts in order to be able also to concentrate on the core business again. In contrast to a mediation, it is only to be present – if desired also via video call.

In order to achieve your goals within the framework of conflict coaching we support you to first become aware of your current situation and behavior, we...

design a clear solution with you and for your career, your organization or your personal life,
analyze your strengths, potentials and limitations to develop a plan for your goals,
develop a realistic, clearly structured action plan,
accompany you and review your progress.