Mediation for teams and groups

Let’s face it:

There is no such thing as a conflict-free office. People argue at work:

we disagree on how to implement a new IT system, we argue about which strategy to pursue; we engage in turf wars over who leads the website re-design project, or even adjusting to colleagues when returning to office, after a long time working from home, can be difficult. The clash of cultural differences can also make teamwork inefficient. And sometimes we just act passive-aggressively towards each other.

As unpleasant and energy-sapping as conflicts can be, the conflict itself is not really the problem. How we deal with it is what matters.

If your team has these or other conflict issues, it may be tempting for you as a leader to intervene and force a decision on them. While this may be the quickest (and possibly the least painful at first) path to resolution, it doesn’t help you and your team members figure out how to resolve conflict on their own, and therefore the conflict is not actually resolved, but temporarily displaced.

Mediation offers sustainable and pragmatic solutions for all parties involved.