Mission & Values

Human Image

We believe that there is a good core in every human being and trust in nurturing the good constructive, emphatic and respectful parts during the meditation or coaching process.


We are aware of our responsibility towards the clients and the respectful handling of what is said in the protected space. At the same time we encourage the self-responsibility of all involved and support participants to formulate sustainable results within the framework of agreements.

Empathy & Reinforcement

Empathy is not only a prerequisite of mediators, it is also an essential goal of mediation to promote mutual empathy between the parties involved in the conflict in order to resolve the conflict mutually.

Trust, confidentiality & loyalty

The cornerstones of successful mediation or coaching are trust, confidentiality and loyalty.
Everything we learn in mediation or coaching is treated confidentially and with respect.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

are at the core of what we believe in. They are central to our mission and to our impact. We know that varied perspectives can help to generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing—and increasingly diverse—world.


My life- and professional-experience with different cultures, in different countries has taught me to respect the diversity of people. It is therefore important to show this respect equally to those involved in the conflict. At the same time we apply up-to-date best-practice tools for each individual conflict and coaching case.


We are neutral in mediation and do not represent our own opinion. This also includes that we do not evaluate what is said. We are interested in people and their needs and support the conflict parties equally and neutrally in reaching a new level of communication.


In addition to the goal of mediation - to lead the conflicting parties to a new level of communication - a jointly achieved solution holds further benefits. In particular, the satisfaction and peace of mind regained as a result, paves the way for a different, more positive professional and private life.