´Talking leads the way´ is an English phrase that describes exactly what mediation is all about: communication is the key to success.

It means that by communicating effectively and using the right words, one can trigger different
interactions, be it in a personal, professional or social context. At the same time, this sentence also includes that communication is the basis for building trust, resolving conflicts and promoting
cooperation, understanding and positive relationships. It also underlines for me that the first step in any difficult situation is to find a new form of communication, and that this new form can be found through mediation.

For me, this sentence thus means the essence of what mediation embodies. In this context,
effective communication and mediation skills include various forms, such as verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening or negotiation techniques. Finally, the consideration of other aspects, such as cultural understanding or dealing with diversity, play an essential role in
successful communication or mediation.

*or one could also say: ´Talking is the key to success´